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We’re excited you found your way to Launched in April 2011, this website is the next step for D5–a five-year coalition to grow philanthropy’s diversity, equity, and inclusion–in bringing its vision, plans and resources to grantmakers everywhere.

There’s a lot to explore. Check out the tools and resources D5 and others in the field have developed to help foundations and grantmakers understand the issues and find solutions. And learn more about the D5 coalition, including a Q&A with our leadership team that digs into some good questions like: “I’m just a small funder. Is there room at the table for me?” and “Why should this work be a priority at a point when funding is being cut across the board?”

You can also dive into the big sector changes we’re focused on to grow philanthropy’s diversity, equity, and inclusion and our comprehensive plan to address them.

Already working to make this sector a more diverse and inclusive place? If you think you are part of what D5 is doing, then you are. We want to build a “coalition of the willing” and want you to join the movement–whether you represent a foundation, philanthropy organization or individual practitioner. Learn more here about the range of ways you can get involved, from attending a meeting to shaping the strategies.

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