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Big Changes, Bold Plans

D5’s ultimate goal: By bringing new voices and expertise to the table, we have the potential to make foundations more effective at advancing the common good. Diversity and inclusion can help foundations better identify creative solutions to our internal challenges and to those faced by the communities we serve. And thinking about equity in our grantmaking can help us create opportunities for all communities.

Advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion is hard, but leaders in philanthropy have a track record of tackling many of our country’s toughest challenges—and we again have an opportunity to lead the way.

To realize this vision, we have four main priorities for big sector changes by 2015:

leaders Recruit diverse leaders for foundations—including CEO, staff, and trustees;

action Identify the best actions we can take in our organizations to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion;

funding Increase funding for diverse communities and ensure that foundations offer all constituencies equal opportunity to access the resources they need to thrive;

data Improve data collection and transparency so we can measure progress.

We’ve developed a comprehensive plan to achieve these outcomes, coordinating strategic efforts across a range of organizations. Click on the four goals above to learn about our priorities and work.

page-0Download a summary about these big changes and bold plans (PDF, 700k).