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Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Over 5 Years

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What is Diversity,
Equity, and Inclusion?

D5 is a five-year coalition to advance philanthropy’s diversity, equity, and inclusion. As our constituencies become increasingly diverse, we need to understand and reflect their rich variety of perspectives in order to achieve greater impact.

To meet this challenge, philanthropic, community and thought leaders are all coming together in an ambitious effort. We started in 2010—by forming an unprecedented coalition of 18 infrastructure organizations and setting a strategic agenda to help philanthropy become more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. Now, we
are a growing collaboration of foundations large and small, individual donors, regional and national associations, and organizations that focus on diverse communities. Together, we are a powerful, national network with the potential to impact philanthropy at every level.

D5 builds on the achievements and lessons of many in the field. The decades-long work of affinity groups and other partners on diversity issues are essential building blocks of D5′s work going forward. In 2007, 50 foundations and allied leaders began the Diversity in Philanthropy Project (DPP), a time-limited campaign to expand diversity in the field. D5 is the culmination of this effort.

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