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D5, the Changing Face of Philanthropy Featured in Family Giving News

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Writing for Family Giving News, Carrie Avery, the president of the Durfee Foundation and the board chair of the National Center for Family Philanthropy, showcased the “I Am A Philanthropist” video as well the Los Angeles event in November spotlighting and connecting diverse donors:

I was interested in learning more about diversity in family philanthropy.  In my own 20-plus years of experience with my family’s philanthropy, I have seen how incorporating diverse perspectives into our grantmaking and practices has enriched our connection to the community.  I have witnessed how fresh vision can open one’s eyes to different ways of seeing community needs.  Sometimes it takes a newcomer to show what you haven’t seen, simply because you haven’t been looking for it.  I wanted to see what more I could learn about philanthropy by looking at the growing diversity in the field.  My curiosity was rewarded.

Avery reflects upon the event, the changing demographic profile of the United States, as well as how she’s seen the impact of diversity in family philanthropy first-hand. She included in her item a conversation with D5 Coalition member Judy Belk:

I asked Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors’ Judy Belk (a former NCFP board member) and event sponsor and emcee, how family philanthropy fits into the D5 effort.  Belk, who will be leading a very special NCFP Teleconference on this topic on April 12th, said, “Family is one of the major motivations for diverse donors in philanthropy, just as it is a motivator for many philanthropists.  They want to give, and they want to inspire the next generation.  We are looking at ways to support these new families in philanthropy.”

Read the whole story: “FEATURE: The Changing Face of Philanthropy: Diversity in Family Giving”

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