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D5 at the Council on Foundations Conference, Chicago 2013

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D5 and its colleagues will be participating in the Council on Foundations’ Annual Conference in Chicago from April 7-9, 2013. We’ll be hosting an interactive strategy discussion and our partners—such as ABFE, AAPiP and EPiP—will be offering programs before and throughout the conference.  Several of D5’s Leadership Team members have also been serving on the Annual Conference Task Force—including Carly Hare of Native Americans in Philanthropy, Mae Hong of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Ericka Plater-Turner of Council on Foundations, and Sylvia Zaldivar-Sykes of The Lake County Community Foundation.
We encourage you to take a look at the agenda and review the many sessions available that speak to diversity, equity and inclusion and hope to see you there!

D5 Event:

Engaging the Heart and Mind of Philanthropy—D5 at COF

Sunday April 7 at 4:30

How can our organizations blend gutsy intuition with sound data to tackle the toughest issues? How do we empower our institutions with the right people and the right tools to take informed leaps of faith? Building off the opening plenary discussion, participants will discuss how relying on gut intuition to invest in people and organizations that are at the forefront of seemingly intractable issues like gun violence, climate change, and educational equity is just as important as gathering and using appropriate, relevant data about the people we impact.

D5 will host an interactive strategy session to promote a different kind of thought leadership for philanthropy that will lead to breakthrough solutions. We will be joined by a powerful group of community leaders and scholars:

  • Dr. Cathy J. Cohen, David and Mary Winton Green Professor of Political Science, University of Chicago
  • Dr. Ted Corbin, Medical Director, “Healing Hurt People” / Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine, Drexel University College of Medicine
  • Josina Morita, United Congress of Community and Religious Organizations and Board Member of the Woods Fund
  • Rev. Michael Pfleger, Senior Pastor, The Fair Community of St. Sabina
  • Jhatayn “Jay” Travis, Program Officer, Woods Fund of Chicago (formerly of Kenwood Oakland Community Organization)

We will learn from leaders deeply engaged with some of our communities’ most pressing issues. We will explore how engaging people on the frontlines and investing in the right data and information, helps foundations make progress in meaningful ways on difficult social problems that often involve issues of equity.  Our aim is to grapple with the “why” of diversity and inclusion, and the impact embracing these values makes possible.


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